We are IMMEDIATELY available to assist with LARGE LOSSES & COMPLEX CLAIMS.

The Chicago insurance claim environment has changed over the last few years. With repeated major weather events the insurance companies are now more than ever worried about their bottom line.

It is no longer about reaching a “fair and accurate insurance claim settlement”. It is now more about insurance companies minimizing the damages and costs associated with repairing them.

Studies show that insurance claims are underpaid 68% of the time by an average of $32,000 per claim.

Maximum Recovery Inc has found that in the claims we have handled 98% of them were under adjusted. We were able to increase the settlement amount by an average 125%.

That’s right, the initial settlement offer from the insurance company is less than half of the final settlement that we reach.

What do we do?

  • – Coordinate initial Emergency services to mitigate your damages
  • – Meet adjusters and aid them in adjusting the claim properly.
  • – Submit all required documentation for a quick and seamless settlement.
  • – Provide you with various options on reconstruction. Including pricing from multiple contractors.
  • – Handle all documentation through completion of you project. Including Construction Draws, lien waivers, Certificates of Insurance, Building permits Certificates of Satisfaction.

What Does Our Service Cost

Ultimately we won’t “cost” you any money. We charge on a percentage of the claim (depending on the complexity). We get paid directly from the insurance proceeds, so it does not come out of your pocket. As our contract states, if you use one of our affiliates to perform the repairs…..you don’t pay anything. Our charges are absorbed by our affiliates.


In all cases we can offer insurance claim help.

If we don’t think you will benefit from our services we will tell you on the initial phone call. In these cases, a little advice from us is all you need to get things handled yourself.

Most claims are handled so poorly by the adjuster that it is imperative you have professional insurance claim advice to reach a fair settlement.

In any case we are here to advocate you. Call for a free phone consult.

Top Ten reasons you need a public adjuster

  • 10) Your adjuster has told you “we don’t pay for that”
  • 9) Your insurance company has told you to do their work for them by saying ”get three estimates”
  • 8) You have received a settlement check from your insurance company “on the spot” after being at your property for 45 minuets.
  • 7) You used a “preferred vendor” referred to you by your insurance company.
  • 6) The insurance company sent an adjuster that is not an Employee of the company but is an “independent adjuster”(this means controlled by the insurance company)
  • 5) Any time you have a claim due to a wide spread weather related event. The insurance companies are too busy to adjust every claim properly.
  • 4) You have had a fire. Fire claims are very complex and include contents, additional living expense, code upgrades and ordinance violations etc.
  • 3) Your insurance agent is promising to help, but is not making any progress.(He or she works for the insurance company,by the way.)
  • 2) You don’t know what the phrases “ACV”, “RCV” ,“Recoverable depreciation”, and “Proof of Loss” mean.
  • 1) And the number one reason you need a public adjuster……
  • You want a fair and accurate settlement to your claim that will put your property and life back to pre-loss condition, without paying for anything out of your pocket.

CALL US FIRSTbefore you contact your insurance company call maximum recovery.

Maximum Recovery Inc. Adjusters is comprised of the most experienced and certified public adjusting professionals in the industry. We are committed to producing the best possible results for you in every insurance recovery claim.

Emergency response to complete recovery…
Maximum Recovery offers a one stop claims management concierge service.

We have successfully negotiated settlement for our clients with these carriers:

Our Services

  • Public Adjusters/Adjusting
  • Insurance Claim Consultants
  • Commercial Claims Adjusting/Consulting

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