Commercial Claims

When commercial property is damaged by water, fire, flood, vandalism, or severe weather the losses can be catastrophic. These losses not only affect the business itself, but its employees as well. However, if a commercial property is properly insured, claims can be made to compensate for the damages and the interruption of the business. Filing a claim is an urgent matter. Businesses cannot afford to shut down operations for too long. This is how we can help.

At Maximum Recovery, we understand that filing insurance claims can be an overwhelmingly complex task. You’re already dealing with the stress of property loss. Our goal is to make the process of filing insurance claims as stress-free and simple as possible. We serve as your support team to get you through the process in one piece. We can accomplish this by:

  • Working with the insurance companies on your behalf to negotiate a fair settlement
  • Performing loss analysis
  • Estimating the scope of the loss
  • Providing the appropriate documentation to insurance companies

More often than not, insurance companies put their best adjusters on commercial claims. Because these claims are so complex and often costly, they need to have their most knowledgeable and experienced adjusters on the case. Without a public adjuster, this could put you at a serious disadvantage. We understand the tactics insurance companies use to deny, undervalue or delay claims. With Maximum Recovery on your side, we can help you obtain a settlement that is fair and reasonable. Don’t be discouraged by the insurance company’s low-ball offer we will negotiate a fair offer for you. Let us help you through the process.

Our Public Adjusters can help protect your claim. Having your own advocate on your side can prevent the insurance companies from delaying or denying your claim. We understand insurance policies and what their terms and conditions are. Our team of experts can help you assess the damage and obtain the maximum settlement you are entitled to from your insurance company.

Not only can we help you with business interruption claims, but damage mitigation as well. If your stock and/or equipment are taken as salvage, you need to know where the salvage will be sold. The last thing you want is to have it sold at a reduced rate in your market.

If your claim has already been denied or is delayed, we can help. If your claim was denied, we will perform a second assessment of the damage and analyze your insurance policy.