Gain the Respect of your Insurance Company!

-Most  claims are under adjusted by the insurance company’s adjuster.
This is not always intentional.
Most adjusters do not have any construction background. It is very difficult for them to accurately create a true picture of all of details to return a property to it’s pre loss condition.

Maximum Recovery Inc has adjusters that have been in the construction industry for years.

Most Insurance adjusters are not qualified to adjust your claim.
During times of high claim volume, insurance companies hire “Independent Adjusters”. Some of these adjusters have no claim experience…..really none. They are simply only qualified to take photo’s. This is not the type of person that you would want to dictate how much it costs to repair your property.

Maximum Recovery Inc. has over 25 years of insurance claim experience.

-Every Claim is unique.
An Insurance adjusters job is monotonous. They are overloaded with claims and become commonplace. They begin a “copy and paste” formula for adjusting claims. They copy ten items form the claim they just finished and paste them into the next. This leaves you with an inadequate picture of the true damage to your property.

Maximum Recovery Inc. keeps it fresh. Our insurance claim process is always evolving, through continuing education, collaboration with other firms and our dedication to presenting our clients with the best settlement.