About Maximum Recovery

While working as a Restoration Contractor, I have been involved with thousands of insurance claims.  I have worked with nearly every insurance company. I have noticed a trend. Insurance companies hire the wrong individuals to adjust claims.

Here is an actual “Help Wanted”  advertiseemnt for an adjuster at a major insurance company, look at the requirements:

Minimum Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Minimum of 6 months claims adjusting experience or Bachelors degree with no experience.
  • Computer literate in a Windows operating environment.
  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time at computer.
  • Ability to work in phone intensive environment using headset.

This individual will be hired, receive some type of training and then be unleashed on the world! He might be assigned to adjust your claim.

You have invested too much into your business or home to accept the opinion of an individual that is not qualified to adjust you claim.

I saw the same outcome time after time:

  • Overwhelmed adjusters that are handling hundreds of claims at a time.
  • Under qualified adjusters not able to identify the amount of damage or costs associated with repairs.
  • Insurance company settlements that only reflect a fraction of the actual cost.
  • Property owners left without enough money to fix their property.

People need an expert to take the insurance company to task.

Your insurance policy is a contract. The contract states that, in return for you paying your premiums, the insurance company will come to a “complete and accurate settlement”. It states that you are entitled to be “indemnified for your losses”. It states that you are entitled to have your property put back in “pre-loss condition”. It states that the insurance company must act in “Good Faith”.

Maximum Recovery, Inc. demands all of these things. We provide accurate and complete pricing of all of your damages and losses. We work for you. We represent you. By hiring Maximum Recovery, Inc , you automatically earn the respect from your insurance company.