Residential Claims – Protecting Your Rights When Property Damage Occurs

Maximum Recovery has seen its fair share of residential claims that were routinely denied by insurance companies. When a homeowner, apartment resident or townhouse owner is fighting with insurance companies, we are the claim adjusters that seek justice for our clients.

Claims can be made when slight or significant damage has occurred. In fact, your home may still be livable. This should not have a bearing on you making or being approved for a claim. The truth of the matter is that you pay premiums to ensure that you are covered no matter how small or large a claim may be.

If the wrong claim adjuster is chosen or the insurance company’s adjuster is used, the proper repairs may never be made. This occurs when insurance companies want you to prove your claim. When a claim is too low, your repairs can never be completed by a competent party. This simply will not be an option.

We work with the following:

  • Single family homes
  • Town homes
  • Condos

We have worked with virtually every residential home type in the past. The number one claim that we see should come as no surprise – water damage. If the damage is not cleaned up properly, if mold growth occurs or the damaged area is not properly repaired, your home may be unlivable, or it may lose its value.

Our team has years of experience with helping people just like you have their claims approved to ensure their home is never left in shambles because of damage. We come out to the property to assess the damage and ensure a settlement price that is appropriate is given. We know how to deal with insurance companies that only see dollar signs and back away from clients in need.

We will look over your policy provisions and work to obtain the maximum settlement possible for your home. There is never a need to settle for a lower settlement because an insurance company is trying to lowball your claim. We can assess damages and losses to ensure your settlement covers every last penny of the repairs needed to make your home whole once again.