Roofs and Hail Damage

We are a licensed Illinois Commercial and Residential Roofing Contractor

Roofs and Hail Damage

Has a hail storm come through your area? Find out how we can help below.

Residential Roof and Hail Damage

Roofs are damaged by hail quite easily. Even Hail ½ can cause significant damage to a roof  if the velocity is high.

Most times you will not know if your roof is damaged until it is properly inspected by an experienced roofer.

After time a roof damaged by hail will quickly deteriorate and begin to leak.

The life of your roof will be greatly compromised and the warranty that you think you have on your roof is void.

Maximum Recovery Inc. is a Illinois licensed Roofing Company as well as a Illinois Licensed Public Adjuster.

This is important because not only are we qualified to assess the damage to your roof but we are qualified to get it covered by your insurance company.

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Commercial Roof and Hail Damage

Commercial flat roofs are very expensive to replace. The condition of your roof after a hail storm can leave you susceptible to leaking. This can cause damage to your inventory, equipment or offices.

We are Illinois Licensed Commercial Roofers, that specialize in repairs due to hail damage.

Most insurance companies will try to convince you to patch or only repair a hail damaged roof.  We have methods and associates that are experts in the industry that can bring indisputable evidence that these roofs will need to be replaced.