Water Damage

Water Damage Insurance Claims –What Homeowners Must Understand

Water damage is the number one insurance claim that we see. More often than not, a home becomes flooded and costly repairs have to be made, but insurance companies do not want to pay. In fact, there are times when these companies have a right not to pay.

Most homeowners are under the assumption that a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover water damage – it will not. There may be some cases where damage is covered, but separate flood damage coverage will be needed. Before making a claim, you must know what damages are covered under your respective policy.

It is important to understand how to explain the water damage to your insurance company…..if you say the wrong thing, your claim will be denied!

Claims Processing

The claims process is the most intimidating part of the whole process. Not only must you file a claim, but there is no guarantee that the insurance company will honor the claim. From the date that the claim is received, the insurer has 15 days to approve or deny the claim.

The process will involve an adjuster coming to your home and assessing the damage. This is a time when you should be present. The company will than estimate the damage and provide you with a proposal for a settlement amount. The problem is that this claim amount is typically much lower than what the true damage amount will be. This means that once the offer is accepted, homeowners are not able to receive more compensation.


There are many different types of claim adjusters that will be seen. Independent adjusters will provide services for the insurance company and are contractors. Company adjusters will want to benefit the insurance company, and public adjusters are what we are. A public adjuster works in your best interest to ensure the right claim is made. This means that every last detail that pertains to the damage your home sustained is carefully contemplated.

Public adjusters are best utilized when insurers simply do not want to pay out a fair settlement.


Once a settlement has been made, the insurance company has to make a payment. This means homeowners will be able to fully restore their home back to a livable condition. Any property damaged will also be replaced if it cannot be properly restored.

When it comes to water damage insurance claims, it is essential to safeguard your interests. This means that hiring a public adjuster will ensure that your settlement is based on your needs. Not only are public adjusters paid out of the settlement money, but they provide accurate assessments of the damage as well as the cost of repairs.