Illinois Hail Damage Claims are widespread this year!

As one of our services we fight the good fight for property owners that are in hail areas.

A lot of you have seen the signs in yards or received ads in the mail, “Free Roof Inspection”.

Most of these are “Storm Chasers” from out of state(this is bad). Some are local roofers trying to drum up business(this is good). Only a few of them are actually licensed to communicate with your insurance company to get the roof covered under your insurance policy(this is what you need!).

Always call a Public Adjuster first before making a claim on your roof. The local roofer might not know how to present it to the insurance to get it covered.

Do you know the saying “Always make a good first impression”? This is soooo true in dealing with your insurance company. When you call them to make a claim, they immediately begin the “determination of coverage” process. If they know you have a Licensed Roofing Contractor and Licensed Public Adjuster on your side…..things will definitely¬† go smoother.

One last thing: If hail has hit your roof, get it checked out. It can definitely cause a lot of damage. If you wait until it leaks, it may be too late to make and insurance claim.

Call me I’ll walk you through it!

Glen Hankins